On 18th February, Fondation BERFRED approved a grant of Swiss Francs 22,875 (£17,600) to finance the construction of a Girls’ Hostel at the Institute of Technology. One year earlier, the Fondation has paid for the building of a day nursery on the IoT campus. After the end of the COVID lockdown, this reopened in January this year.
A temporary dormitory, clad and roofed with corrugated sheeting, had been built by staff and students a couple of years ago and has been occupied by over 20 students, living in cramped conditions. The new hostel has a capacity for 50 students and is equipped with bathrooms.
These two large grants from BERFRED will do much to contribute to a higher enrolment of female students in the IoT’s technical training courses, eventually opening up more earning opportunities for young girls from the surrounding communities. 
Once the funds were received by the Got Matar Community Development Group early in March, the construction of foundations began, as shown  in the pictures. IOT students are employed in the construction, gaining practical experience in all aspects of building and using their earnings partly to offset their tuition fees. Furnishings (bunks, lockers, curtains etc) will also be made by students under similar arrangements.
Construction is expected to be completed in 4 months.