Making Donations

“The Got Matar Community Development Group thanks the large number of people as well as foundations and trusts that have generously contributed to our educational programmes. We have done our best to make prudent and efficient use of your donations and we hope that you can share our pride in what has been achieved. With your help, the livelihood prospects of thousands of young people have been transformed and the whole community can look to a better future.”

How to Donate

There are several ways in which prospective donors can contribute to GMCDG’s programmes.

Most donors find it convenient to donate through our partner registered charities. These are Ace Africa (UK) in London for donations in Sterling or other currencies, and Associazione SONIA in Rome for gifts denominated in Euros.

Donate to Ace Africa

Either by credit card or PayPal through Virgin Money, using the form that can be downloaded from here:

Donate On Line by credit card or PayPal here

Please make sure to write in ‘leave a message’: ‘Donation to Got Matar from (name……..)

Or pay Ace Africa directly by bank transfer or credit card, submitting a completed Ace Africa/Got Matar donation form to Ace Africa (UK). This form can also be used for payments by cheque but there may be delays in banking the funds because of COVID 19 restrictions on visiting banks. If you are a UK taxpayer please fill in the Gift Aid section at the foot of the Ace Africa form.

Download the Ace Africa form here. (pdf)

Donate to Associazione SONIA

Please pay by cheque, bank transfer or credit, card, submitting a completed SONIA/Got Matar donation form.

Download the SONIA form here. (pdf)

USA Donors

Donors in the USA have reported difficulties in making transfers to overseas not-for-profits. Dan Gustafson (who came to know Got Matar when he was formerly FAO Representative in Kenya) and his wife, Kitty, have recently returned to live in Seattle. Dan is keen to encourage US citizens to support Got Matar and is able to advise them on how to transfer donations. He may be contacted at [email protected].

Donating directly to Got Matar Community Development Group

If you wish to send funds directly to the Group, it is suggested that you contact Andrew MacMillan for advice on options.

Total Donations

The total amount of donations towards the development of Got Matar between 2006 and 31st December 2019 amounts to the equivalent of about Euro 810,000 (£740.000, $980,000).

Of this, about Euro 535,000 has gone to the Secondary School, with Euro 315,000 being invested in buildings and equipment and Euro 220,000 covering the initial recurrent income deficit and the bursary programme.

Since 2012, the Institute of Technology has benefitted from total donations of about Euro 275,000, of which Euro 150,000 have been spent on buildings and equipment and Euro 125,000 have been used to subsidise operating costs.

National Funding

The Ministry of Education meets a large part of the staff costs of GM Secondary School, and is responsible for maintaining the facilities. Other operating costs are met by school fees paid by parents/guardians and, in the case of bursaries, by the Bursary Fund. The Ministry has built teachers’ houses, as foreseen in the school development plan. In 2010, the Constituency Development Fund paid for the installation of a mains electricity connection for the school, and has also financed the construction of a full-scale science laboratory, additional classroom space and an administration block, opened in 2020.

Individual Kenyan contributors have financed the purchase of a school bus. Former students of the Secondary School are now financing most of the present bursaries.