Girls’ Hostel:

Here is a photo of priests blessing the completion of the main structure of the first phase of the new Girls’ Hostel. The Got Matar Coordinator, Grace Ochieng Andiki, is carrying holy water in a yellow bowl. (Girls’ Hostel – photo 1)

The aim is to have the building fully fitted out for use by students at the start of the term in early June. The second photo shows details of the floor tiling. (Girls’ Hostel – photo 2)

The temporary corrugated iron building which has housed female boarding students under cramped conditions till now has been dismantled to make space for the new Girls’ Hostel. It has been reconstructed elsewhere in the IoT campus and will be used for male boarders. (Girls’ Hostel – photo 3)

ICT Centre:

Donations collected for Got Matar from donors in the Euro zone by Associazione SONIA have been used to begin building the new Institute of Technology Computer Centre. All funds recently given via Ace Africa (UK) will also be used for this project. Funds permitting, it should be completed by September to be ready for the next term.

These photos show work in progress in laying the floor slab. (ICT Centre – photos 4, 5, 6)

As in all the building projects students do a lot of the work, gaining practical experience and earning wages that help them to pay their tuition fees.

Girls’ Hostel – photo 1

Girls’ Hostel – photo 2

Girls’ Hostel – photo 3

ICT Centre – photo 4

ICT Centre – photo 5

ICT Centre – photo 6