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End of Term Report (Aug 08)

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The school is coming towards the end of its second term of the year with over 300 pupils on board, of whom over 150 are on bursaries that meet the costs of uniforms, shoes and school lunches. Now that some of the teachers are paid for by the government, bursary costs have been reduced from Euro 100 (£80) to Euro 80 (£64) per year. Although we have advanced the funds to meet all bursary costs for 2008, we are still looking for about 100 new sponsors, so that the money that we have provided can be applied to the next phase of the building programme!
The Community’s Bursary Committee is still examining options for income-generating enterprises that could eventually fund bursaries from local sources, making the bursary programme sustainable without donor support.

They have some good ideas, but will need start-up capital, possibly in the form of loans, to buy equipment and an initial stock of materials.

Anyone interested in exploring how to help to get these enterprises started should contact me ( for further information.


Water tank, showing money raised locally

On August 1st, the new Board of Governors held its inaugural meeting. Mrs. Petronilla Okoth was elected chairperson, while the Principal, Mrs. Elizabeth Opondo was appointed Secretary. Mike Kironde from the PEAS school building programme in Uganda, who has made a series of visits to Got Matar to assist the community and school in its development programme, was co-opted by the Board as donors’ representative.

The Board also requested that a letter of appreciation be sent to thank donors for their important contribution to the development of the school. (See a copy of the letter below).


The Principal welcoming the Bondo District Commissioner

The Bondo District Department of Works issued tender documents, including detailed specifications, in mid-August for the next buildings to be constructed. The selection of a contractor will be made on 2 September and hopefully building will start later that month, so as to have new classrooms available for the planned intake of 150 additional pupils in January 2009.

In the meantime, construction is in progress for a block of girls’ latrines (see photo) that are badly needed, given the increase in the number of pupils enrolled.


Latrines under construction

Thank you letter
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