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Back to School (May 08)

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Got Matar

Positive Progress

After a slow start this year, the school seems to be in top gear. Mike Kironde, from the PEAS office in Uganda, recently made a week-long visit and reported very positively on progress and the happiness of the staff and pupils.

The school is about to begin the second term of its second year on May 5th – but neither the teachers nor the children have enjoyed their normal holiday. On the Monday, following the end of the first term, they assembled to start 3 weeks of classes to compensate for the loss of time when the school opened late because of the general turmoil in Kenya following the December election.

Got Matar


Because of the devastating impact of AIDS on the community, many young girls who are qualified to enter secondary school stay at home to look after orphaned siblings – or simply because their families or guardians cannot afford the costs of keeping them in school. The Community Bursary Committee has visited all the villages served by Got Matar Secondary School, and identified 48 such girls for the award of bursaries. Pending the identification of donors, we have advanced the funds needed to cover the costs of their bursaries so that they can start school on 5th May. Their presence will bring total student numbers up to 318 so the school will be full to the brim!

Got MatarBursaries

At the beginning of this year, the Kenyan government introduced a policy of “free” secondary education, but children going to school still face quite substantial costs. Only two of the teachers at Got Matar are provided by the government and the costs of all the others still have to be met from fees. The Community has reviewed the implications for bursaries and concluded that they are still needed to ensure that places at the school are open to well qualified children, especially orphans, who would otherwise not be able to attend because of the remaining costs. They have reduced the value of bursaries from Euro 100 to Euro 80 (about £65) per year, which will cover the remaining fees, school lunches, uniforms and shoes.

Got MatarBuilding

Funds permitting, the aim is to complete and equip the third block of three classrooms plus an interim science laboratory this year, and construct additional latrines, so as to be ready for the entry of a further 150 children next January. Total costs will be about Euro 60,000 (£48,000). If more money is available, the priorities include a girls’ hostel, teachers’ housing, and a practical skills training workshop – as well as more solar power generation panels and low-voltage computers.

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