Got Matar
Got Matar, meaning Bare Hilltop, lies in Bondo District. It is one of Kenya’s poorest districts and the one that has been most affected by AIDS. The Got Matar Community Development Group was formed by local leaders to respond to the crisis. The Group focused on improving its children’s education and decided to build a secondary school with a capacity for 600 children. Got Matar Secondary School is now thriving, although still in need of additional facilities if it is to offer the very best of education in the District. More here...
The School
Within 3 months of the go ahead, the first building had been completed, teachers recruited and 112 children enrolled. Since then hundreds of pupils have graduated with many going on to universities or other institutions of higher education. All the essential classroom buildings have been completed and equipped on time. Actual costs have been in line with agreed budgets. This combination of enthusiastic and dedicated community-led development, technical and management skills, and donations from well-wishers, is achieving most encouraging results. More here...
The GMCDG wishes to thank all people and organizations who have contributed to its programmes for all that they have done. Your support is transforming the lives of many young people within the community, and will help to make big improvements in the living standards of people in the area served by the Secondary School and the Institute of Technology. The top priority call on funds for the secondary school is to pay for bursaries to enable qualified students from poor families, mainly orphans, to attend the school. More here...

The IoT building programme has picked up speed. Training workshops have been completed for Dressmaking and Tailoring, Woodwork, Masonry/Electricity, and Beauty Therapy and Hairdressing.

A nursery for young children of girls taking courses at the IoT has also been completed. Construction is nearly finished on the Food and Beverage training workshop and the one for Car Mechanics: both should be operational by July.

The next to be started will be for Information and Communication Technology (ICT) for which plans have been prepared: The estimated cost is Euro 23,000 (about £21,000) for the building and Euro 11,000 (about £10,000) for equipment.

Secondary School Administration Block (financed by Kenya Government)

Food and Beverage Training Workshop (under construction)

Dressmaking and Tailoring Training Workshop

Masonry Training Workshop

Beauty Therapy and Hairdressing Training Workshop

Nursery building

Nursery building