Many Thanks! As members of the Got Matar Community Development Group, we wish to express our thanks to the many donors who have so generously contributed since 2006 to our educational programmes. We have done our very best to make good use of your donations. We hope that you are satisfied with progress, and that some of you will come to visit us and see with your own eyes what we are doing.

An Invitation To Got Matar...

New Donors since 2011

Hugh Brammer
Rosa Calcaterra
Anne-Marie Dauphin
Finn Ekaas
Simon Davy
Michael and Ana Fitzpatrick
Robin Hoskyn
Paola and Maurizio Passerini-Mazzer
Heather Saunders
Kate Singleton
Ignacio Trueba (Book Royalties)
Malcolm Wallace

(Plus lots of JustGiving sponsors of Corinna Harrison’s travels and Harry MacMillan’s New York Marathon, as well as 21 great nieces and nephews of Andrew and Roberta MacMillan who have each year given half of their Christmas present to Got Matar)

New Donors 2010

Mrs R. Anderson
St Andrew’s Church, Port Glasgow
The Barclay Buttress Fund
G.G. and B.E.A. Baxter
Mrs P Bayley
Allan and Anna Beney
The Besom
Mr R. and Dr L. Blakiston-Houston
Mrs J. Bulteel
Bridget Butter
Mr and Mrs D. Clark
Sister Frances Collett
Trustees of the Chave Collison Trust
Mr and Mrs A. Cox
Jane Cox
Sir Ian and Lady Denholm
Mr and Mrs J. M. Douglas-Menzies
Graham Ferguson
Maureen and Bill Forrest
Mrs J. Grey
Mr and Mrs G. Guthrie
Elizabeth Haines
Mrs J. Hallworth
Hamish and Elaine Hardy
Geoffrey and Penny Haydock
Wallace Higgins
Martin Humphrey
Capt and Mrs Anthony Hutton
Nickie Jack
Langbank Church of Scotland
Sir Michael Llewellyn-Smith
Mr and Mrs Alex MacMillan
Margaret MacMillan
James McGowan
Mary McGowan
Rev W. McKaig
Arlette Osivandi
Mrs F. Pearson
His Honour Judge J. E. and Mrs Previte
Queen Margaret’s School, York
Trustees of the Sammermar Trust
Lady Shaw Stewart
Mr and Mrs S. Skurray
M. Soltau
Prof and Mrs A. Spence
Mr and Mrs A. Stephen
Mrs M. Stephen
Mrs A. Stewart
Mrs Judith Stistead
Mr Peter Snow
Trustees of John Swire 1989 Charitable Trust
Mr and Mrs C. Villiers
Mr and Mrs P. White
Mrs J. Will
Sir Eric and Lady Yarrow

New Donors 2009

David Barrie
Eva Clayton
Dufferin Foundation
Margaret Johnson
Eva Matilla Dominguez
E.C. McPeak
Brian Moir
Pauline Simpson
Margaret Zito

New Donors 2008

Charles and Louise Bevan
Bjoernsletta School pupils, Oslo
Jean Collins
Sissel Ekaas memorial fund
Rev. Bruce MacMillan
Thomas and Rebecca MacMillan
Populus Ltd
Rediweld Foundation
Spurgin Trust
Jacques Vercueil

New Donors 2007

Aziz Arya
Duff and Jennifer Balmer
Sylvie Bonhomme
Sharon Cowan
Hartwig de Haen
Earnshaw Church
Charles Ellis
London Falins
Steve and Doff Gentry
Ann Hallifax
Penny Henley
Penny and James Hutton
Gudrun Johannsen
Lilian MacMillan
Patricia Merrikin
Lucy Pickles
Scotland Gardens Scheme
Patricia Tendi
Francoise Trine
Marcela Villarreal
Tineke Volker
Michael Wales
Alison Walters
Jane Wu
Brian Young

Founder Donors

Ross Adamson
Lucia Albertini
Vanda Altarelli
Ali Abur and Aysen Tanyeri
Sue Bailey
John and Jenny Balmer
Kit Bartram
Beltrim Charitable Trust
Maggie Blazeby
Percy Bono
Sheena Borghi
Thomas Bowring
David and Angela Boyle
Alan Bridgman
Martin Brunt
Juliet Cadzow
Chris Castrioty
Susan and Sandro Ciancio
Peter and Sally Crossing
Coca del Castillo
Bill and Krista Ellis
Harriet Ellis
Eton College
FAO 1% Fund
Dawson Fawcett
Jeremy Feggetter
Maurice Fenn
Monique Forestier
Nick Forman Hardy
Richard Gillham
Dan and Kitty Gustafson
Rolf and Micky Gusten
Desmond Gwynne
Martin Haldane
Alice and David Harrison
Andrew Harvie-Clark
Simon and Jill Hocombe
David and Bridget Hugh-Jones
Robin and Judy Hutton
Betty Jones
Manoj Juneja
Vivienne Ledgerwood
Mary Claire Lithgow
Alastair and Alex MacMillan
David and Liv MacMillan
Dugal MacMillan
George MacMillan
Gordon and Susannah MacMillan
John and Belinda MacMillan
Roberta and Andrew MacMillan
Katia Medeiros
Tom and Fiona Morrison
Timothy Osmaston
Isabella Pafumi
Nick Parsons
Wanda Reynolds
Stephane and Francis Risopoulos
Shiona Roberts
Jeremy Ropner
Daphne Rowe
Diana Saltarelli
Richard Seely
Francis and Annabel Shaxson
Marjorie and Richard Smith
Associazione SONIA
Vivienne and Ron Tooman
Piers Torday
Alex Villani and Victor Mol
Irvine Watson
John and Anna Weatherhogg
Ricky and Julie Webb
Orla White-Natalizia